Innovative drive systems.

Front view of 3-d spiral bevel gear set. Stepan Lunin has developed software for simulation of cutting and contact of spiral bevel gears. ZAKGEAR spiral bevel gear and hypoid gear software provides TCA in 3 dimentional space and in animation.

Left view of 3dimentional master gear model. The tooth geometry has been tested at MIL Helicopter in Moscow in 1986. Then improved tooth geometry was tested at VOLVO PoWer Train showing increase of driving efficiency. Benefitial for automotive drive axles.

3d spiral bevel. Top view. True 3 dimentional tooth form. The tooth geometry is calculated by using Direct Digital Simulation method.

3-dimentional CAD model of a spiral bevel gear with not involute tooth form. Manufactured by a face milling method on GLEASON Phoenix machine in 2001. Thest showed improvement in driving efficiency and reduction of mesh noise.

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Better way to make gears.

Large spiral bevel gear. Similar to Gleason or Klingelnbers. 
Ground after case hardening